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ONLINE: Landscape to Abstraction

Online Workshop
Three Day Online Weekend Workshop
Class Start Date: October 22, 2021
Class End Date October 24, 2021
Time 10AM-1PM, Break, 2PM-5PM
Member Fee 500.00
Non-Member Fee 550.00

Beginning with Landscape, we will work towards various degrees of Abstraction. Day one, we will begin the workshop with process, in particular, distilling a landscape image that ideally you have made. Emphasis is placed on producing a large quantity of drawings in search of surprising images from the source material. We will explore mark-making, collage and extreme scale change (large and small). We work as a group and individually.

Various artists, contemporary and historical, will be discussed and analyzed as to their working habits and developments of bodies of work. This intensive workshop will integrate group discussion and collaboration with the idea that we will be working towards a body of work that could be big, small or a series as the final product. Some students may (if they wish) use their own subject matter as the catalyst. Students will gain a very broad idea of the variety of approaches to abstraction via landscape and develop a strong sense of how they may approach abstraction on their own terms.

In this virtual workshop, Fran will be teaching from Australia over Zoom. The workshop will also utilize Padlet. All participants should have reliable internet access, a way of photographing your work digitally, and a computer or other through which to access the class.


Class Schedule:

10AM – 1PM
Lunch Break
2PM – 5PM

Suggested Readings and Resources

Pictures of Nothing: Abstract Art since Pollock – Kirk Varnedoe
The Painted Word – Tom Wolfe