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Color Lab

Two-Day Workshop
Class Start Date:June 14, 2024
Class End DateJune 15, 2024
TimeFriday - Saturday 10am - 4pm
Member Fee180.00
Non-Member Fee230.00

This workshop will explore different optical color strategies that artists can use to maximize color in their work. Optical color mixing describes the phenomenon that occurs when two colors are placed next to each other and the eye perceives a third “mixed” color (different from local color that the painter mixes on the palette). We will explore different ways of creating optical color in the studio including layering washes of color and line. Media explored will include acrylic gouache, collage, and colored pencil/pen. Students should bring some imagery on the first day as a starting point; drawings will be extensively reworked over the course of the workshop. We will also be discussing and analyzing images of other artists who have employed optical color strategies in their work.