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Color + Spontaneity + Layering = Watercolor

Ten-Week Class
Class Start Date:January 31, 2024
Class End DateApril 10, 2024
TimeWednesdays 10am - 1pm
Member Fee500.00
Non-Member Fee550.00

All levels welcome.

Transparency and flow are unique to watercolor. It is a balancing act between spontaneity and control. Delve deeper into the qualities and techniques that make a watercolor, a watercolor. New lessons on color and layering will allow you to see and use watercolor in fresh and new ways. Stretch your perception of how you see, think about, and interpret color. Students will work on any subject(s) of their choosing and will re-imagine it through a study of color juxtapositions, layering, light, and shadow. Expand what you know through individual mentoring keyed to your specific needs.