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IN PERSON: Cutting Into Color: Exploring Still Life through Collage (FULL)

All Levels: Collage Class
Six Week Evening Class
Class Start Date:January 6, 2023
Class End DateFebruary 10, 2023
Time6:00 - 9:00pm
Member Fee450.00
Non-Member Fee500.00

Henri Matisse described the process behind his painted paper collages as “cutting into color.” In this six-week evening class, participants will interpret a dynamic arrangement of still life objects through the medium of collage. By focusing on materials that emphasize pure color (e.g., kids’ construction paper, hand-painted papers, painted cardboard), we will train our eyes to see shape and form. Through short “warm-ups,” longer exercises, and exposure to the history of modern and contemporary art, participants will sharpen their abilities to work with color and composition.

All levels of experience are truly welcome.