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The Unique Image – Intuitive Painting with Acrylics

Four-Day Workshop, Tue-Fri, July 18-21, 10am-3pm
Class Start Date:July 18, 2023
Class End DateJuly 21, 2023
Time10am - 3pm
Member Fee400.00
Non-Member Fee450.00

In this 4-day intensive workshop, Kathy will assist you to thoughtfully explore your unique imagery and tap into your intuition. Through a series of exercises, demonstrations and critique, you will be encouraged to explore your imagination and strengthen your mark making to push beyond what you know and tap into your intuitive nature. Whether your work is abstract or representational, using your intuitive hand while responding to materials will bring out spontaneity and a different way to approach your work.

The surface you work on can also influence the outcome: paper allows for a fresh and direct way of working; canvas and panel provide more support for richer application of materials.  Working for 4 consecutive days will also give you the opportunity to work large(r). (Students are encouraged to leave works-in-progress and materials in the classroom overnight.) Working on a combination of surfaces will widen and enhance the variety of your work.

If you are looking for fresh ways to approach your work and an in-depth opportunity to tap into your intuition, The Unique Image is the workshop for you.