Classes & Workshops

ONLINE: Make the Art You Are

Six Week Class
Class Start Date: February 2, 2022
Class End Date March 6, 2022
Time 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Member Fee 400.00
Non-Member Fee 450.00

During this course Bernd will guide you through the practice of actively engaging with your own work. Make the Art You Are will focus on finding ways to improve our connectivity to our work- from the idea, to the beginnings, to form, and into a finished product. The goal is to close the gap between who we are and the art we really want to make. As an instructor, Bernd takes an active role in studying and making suggestions for your work. This class will employ secular, non-traditional, Buddhist-based breathing and short meditation exercises to directly support your art practice, in the same way that stretcher bars support a canvas. This is an excellent class for anyone looking to get more in terms of quality and depth out of their studio time. This course is responsive to your needs as an individual and the group as a whole – your art will be the guide. The focus will be on sharpening the mind in order to “sharpen the pencil”. 

Email images of your work to Bernd prior to the start of the class. All disciplines and levels of experience are welcome. If you have questions about this course please contact Lisa Pohl ( to be connected to Bernd directly. 

NOTE: There is not a required “Materials List” for this class. Please use what you have or try what you wish to explore.