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IN PERSON: Painting Plein Air

Instructor: Ying Li
Dates: Five-Day Workshop Aug 2 - 6

In this workshop students will explore techniques and concepts in landscape painting with emphasis on individual development of style and theme. We will investigate various approaches to representational and abstract painting, and the metaphorical meaning...

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IN PERSON: Portrait Drawing From Life in Charcoal

Instructor: Cyrus Whittier
Dates: Six-Week Class Sept 7 - Oct 12

A portrait is one of the most varied, changing, and interesting subjects in the visual arts! In this class, students will work with vine sticks, compressed charcoal, sanguine and white chalk on tinted paper and...

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ONLINE: The Not-So-Still Life

Instructor: Nancy Gruskin
Dates: Five-Week Class Sept 7 - Oct 5

When is a still life not so still? When it moves into three dimensions and is capable of infinite change. This five-week class will begin with students constructing their own arrangement of objects with papier-mâché...

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IN PERSON/HYBRID: What Is In Front Of You

Instructor: Ron Krouk
Dates: Five-Week Class Sept 7 - Oct 5

The process of simplifying the three dimensional world to create a drawing or painting is one of the most absorbing and exciting adventures we can have.  It can definitely be helpful to have a guide...

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ONLINE: The Unique Image

Instructor: Kathy Deflice Secor
Dates: Six-Week Class Sept 9 - Oct 14

Explore your imagination and strengthen your mark-making.  Push beyond what you know and tap into your intuitive nature.  Whether your work is abstract or representational, using your intuitive hand while responding to materials will bring...

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IN PERSON: Rich and Loose Landscapes

Instructor: Jill Pottle
Dates: Three Day Weekend Workshop: Sept 17-19

Come and paint outside on location this fall using acrylic paint, pastel and a little collage. Students will work loose, fast and small. The idea of this class is to learn how to put down...

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ONLINE: Real Basics and Hands-On Color Theory

Instructor: Jill Pottle
Dates: Six Week Class Sept 23 - Oct 28

Are you relatively new to painting?  Or have you always struggled with the basic understanding of Color Theory?  This class is for you!  Through color mixing exercises and hands on painting, I will take you...

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Loosey, Juicy Watercolors with Paul George

Instructor: Paul George
Dates: Three Day Workshop Sept 24 - 26

Award-winning artist Paul George’s workshops are loaded with great information and motivation for both the beginner and the experienced painter. Paul will teach you how to approach any subject to design and execute a good...

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IN PERSON: Color and Light for Watercolorists

Instructor: Marjorie Glick
Dates: Ten-Week Class Sept 29 - Dec 1

Delve into all things watercolor and make your paintings come alive through a studied approach to depicting color and light. Students will work on any nature subject(s) of their choosing and will re-imagine it using...

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ONLINE: Explore Contemporary Art: Break New Ground

Instructor: Adria Arch
Dates: Eight-Week Class Oct 6 - Nov 24

Contemporary art can be mystifying, but it doesn’t have to be!  Each week we’ll see work by a different artist and learn about their inspiration, process, and technique.  Then we’ll create our own response to the work,...

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ONLINE: Alchemy of Color I

Instructor: Martha Wakefield
Dates: Six-Week Class Oct 12 - Nov 16

“In nature, light creates the color. In the picture, color creates the light.” -Hans Hoffman In these classes we will study the language of color and each pigment’s personality to build a personal palette.  Enhance...

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ONLINE: Drawing Home Life

Instructor: Cat Bennett
Dates: Three Day Weekend Workshop Oct 15 - 17

In this class, we’ll mix creative techniques to draw and paint the things around us at home—a favorite teapot, a pair of slippers, a bowl of fruit. We’ll use crayons, colored pencils and opaque watercolors...

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IN PERSON: Capturing the Light en Plein Air

Instructor: Caleb Stone
Dates: 7-Week Class Oct 18 - Nov 29

Capture the beauty of early spring in Concord while painting outdoors with master plein air painter, Caleb Stone.  Colorful specimen trees, Walden Pond and the surrounding woodlands, sweeping marshes, peaceful riverside scenes, Sleepy Hollow and the...

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IN PERSON/HYBRID: Approaches to the Figure

Instructor: Ron Krouk
Dates: Five-Week Class Oct 19 - Nov 16

Our subject will be a live model on video, some filmed models and some inspiring works of art. Using both drawing and painting media we’ll practice different approaches which will focus your attention on simplifying the...

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ONLINE: Abstraction to Landscape

Instructor: Fran O'Neill
Dates: Friday, Oct 22 - Sunday, Oct 24

Beginning with Landscape, we will work towards various degrees of Abstraction. Day one, we will begin the workshop with process, in particular, distilling a landscape image that ideally you have made. Emphasis is placed on...

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New Dates

IN PERSON Drawing with Thread: Narrative Mending

Instructor: Karen Stevens
Dates: One-Day Workshop October 23

Using our most loved and worn garments as a canvas, we will explore new ways to continue the story of cloth through mending. Over time our clothing takes on its own narrative, through the repetitive...

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IN PERSON: Encaustics Workshop

Instructor: Tracy Spadafora
Dates: Two-Day Workshop November 6+7

Encaustic paint is perhaps the most beautiful and durable paint that an artist can use.  Made from beeswax and resin that can be polished to an enamel-like finish, it offers a number of possibilities for...

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Spread It Like Budd-ah! Oil Painting with Paul George

Instructor: Paul George
Dates: Three Day Workshop Nov 19 - 21

Award-winning artist Paul George’s workshops are loaded with great information and motivation for both the beginner and the experienced painter. Paul will teach you how to approach any subject to design and execute a good...

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IN PERSON: Gyokatu Fish Printing

Instructor: Carolyn Letvin
Dates: One-Day Workshop December 4

In this one-day workshop, Carolyn Letvin will teach the process of making and enhancing prints made from fish.  Originating from Japan in the mid-1800s, Gyotaku prints are a form of nature printing, believed to have...

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ONLINE: Breaking Through to Fearless Abstraction

Instructor: Amy Wynne
Dates: Five-Day Workshop: Dec 6 - 10

Moving beyond representational image-making can be daunting. This workshop will provide liberating strategies to help evolve your work particularly if you have reached the point of “now what?”. Through a series of drawing and collage...

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IN PERSON: Get Ready to Exhibit!

Instructor: Ron Rosenstock
Dates: One-Day Workshop December 11

Ron Rosenstock, internationally known photographer, is conducting a one-day workshop on how to prepare your artwork for an exhibition. Learn how to cut mats and frame your artwork to museum standards. Everyone will have a...

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Sculpture by Markus Haala