Art History Lecture with Sue McCrory: Old as the Hills – The Long History & Varied Practice of En Plein Air Painting

In-Person Event
September 20, 2022

In this lecture we will examine the artistic practice of painting after Nature while in Nature. Who has done it, how have they done it, and how have culturally-specific traditions of art making shaped the practice in different ways? During this hour-long talk we will consider both realistic and abstract aesthetics in works from Western and non-Western traditions.

Image: John Constable, Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows, c.1829, oil on canvas (Tate Modern)

Sue McCrory is a long-time educator in the field of art history. She earned her Ph.D. (Harvard) specializing in Italian Renaissance and Islamic art, and her B.A. (Duke) focusing on Baroque art in Italy and Holland. She enjoys lecturing in classrooms and museums in equal measure, but prefers to be on site in Italy whenever possible.