Artist Demo: Art Photography from Concept to Finished Work with Sarah Bossert

March 8, 2023

Please note there will be live birds, kept safely in their cage, during this event.


Join photographer Sarah Bossert as she takes a few of her works–which will be on display in Concord Art’s Members Gallery from February 23, 2023 through March 23, 2023–and explains the process of their creation from the initial inspiration, through the construction of sets and props, to the finished image. She will show how she often uses items found around the house or in the bargain bins of craft stores to, step by step, achieve the scene she has envisioned in her mind’s eye, often having to adjust to the realities of budget and of working with live animals. Two of her beloved avian models, Putney the Pionus parrot and Woodstock the Lovebird, will be on hand to show their enthusiasm for their contributions.


Image: Sarah Bossert, Companionship of Friends, 2022

More about Sarah:

I am a self-taught photographer who had the astounding good fortune to grow up in Cambridge, Massachusetts in a house with a darkroom set up in an unused bathroom. Since 2008 I have been selling stock photography online, primarily related to food and travel, both being life-long passions of mine. For my more creative pieces, I am often drawn to the animal world. I have always been enchanted when the animal and human worlds intersect, whether it is when an animal is shown in a human environment or when an animal displays an emotion or relationship which we as humans recognize as so similar to our own. The themes of flight, color, miniatures, and joy are my common inspirations. I now live in Concord with my husband and my two parrots, Woodstock and Putney.