Artist Demo: Developing Your Style with Cal Rice

In Person Event
April 6, 2022

Through a live demonstration surrealist painter Cal Rice will explain his creative process from beginning to end. Starting from the conceptualization of a painting Cal will discuss how and why he arrives at an idea, where he draws his inspiration from and how he builds a composition. From there the artist will demonstrate his practice in real time while also explaining how he developed skill set. Having a background in illustration, mural art, tattooing and sculpture Cal draws on all of these different disciplines when he creates a painting. In this demo viewers will see how he has combined these different techniques to develop his unique style and aesthetic.


Cal Rice grew up between Western Massachusetts and Upstate New York. After receiving his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in 2011, Rice spent several years working as a professional tattoo artist. In 2018, Cal graduated from the School of Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts with a Masters of Fine Arts. Currently, he is a working artist and gallery owner in Boston, Massachusetts.



Drawing from the traditions of Surrealism my work relies on a healthy distrust of logic and love of the absurd. Through this lens, I aim to provide a commentary on society at large. While my paintings are shaped by my own experiences, I work to convey a sense of uncanniness that will resonate with anyone interested in the state of the world. Confusion, curiosity and a sense of foreboding are consistent themes in my work. As a result of my experiences over the last several years these concepts have become central to my practice.