Artist Demo: Drawing as a Dialogue with Maggie Abe

March 1, 2024

Join us Friday, March 1st for an Artist Demo with Maggie Abe, who will work on several pencil drawings at various stages of completion to demonstrate her process from start to finish. The living form—human and animal—will be the focus of the demonstration, translated from photographs. As she works, Maggie will chat about her perspectives and methods of drawing: how she first likes to break down a form into its essentials, and how she likes to think of drawing as a series of reactions rather than the pursuit of a “perfect” result. Maggie firmly believes that anyone can draw; it is the most foundational skill in any artist’s toolbox, and the most accessible! Attendees are invited to bring along their sketchbooks and join in if the mood strikes them.

Image: Maggie Abe, Thomas, 2016, graphite on paper