Artist Demo: From Underpainting to Finished Piece with Daphne Confar

October 11, 2023

Explore a technique that will inspire your painting! Join us on October 11th for an Artist Demo with Daphne Confar, who will guide you through her painting process from the initial sketch to the final strokes, from tonal underpainting to glazing. Daphne will share her process with you, starting with building a solid foundation using a tonal acrylic underpainting. You’ll dive into finding a strong composition, and then discuss how to layer and build up the underpainting before finishing with an oil glaze. During this demonstration, you won’t just be a spectator. Ask questions, interact with Daphne, and gain valuable insights into the advantages of this painting technique. It’s your chance to discover a valuable addition to your artistic tool box!

Image: At home with Juanita by Daphne Confar

More about Daphne:

As an artist my goal is to evoke a feeling in the viewer. I aim to tap into the collective human experience while also exploring smaller personal connections. The emotions and love we have towards others serve as my creative focal point.

It was through my relationship with my family, and especially with my grandmothers who would spend time with me and tell stories of their lives, that a deep appreciation for people and their narratives was instilled in me. These narratives fed my imagination and gave me a love of people and a love of people’s stories that informs my work to this day.

While painting, I build my paintings up from a tonal underpainting and then put layers of color on top of that underpainting, sanding down between layers. I usually like to work on panels, and enjoy things that look older, like they have a story.

During the pandemic, when we were all staying home, I started painting “portraits” of my house and yard. I loved it; this newfound exploration was exciting. I found similar feelings of love and nostalgia and home when painting landscapes as when portraying people.