Artist Demo: Gel Plate Printing – Monoprinting Without a Press with Deb Drummond

In Person Event
April 20, 2022

Deborah Drummond is an abstract artist working in paint and collage. In this demo she will talk about how her art background has evolved with mono printing for collage using a gel press plate. The gel plate does not require a press and uses accessible tools and materials often yielding results. Deborah will share how she creates papers with texture, color and patterns with this process in her collage work.

Mediums Addressed in Demo: Gel plates, acrylic paints, markers and inks, pastels and stamps

Deborah Drummond is a Concord area abstract artist who for many years worked as a professional illustrator and designer. Although she enjoys exploring different  media her works primarily in acrylic, collage and printmaking.