Artist Demo: Imagining My Gardens with Tony Andrade

November 1, 2023

Join us on November 1st for an Artist Demo with Tony Andrade, who will show you how he goes about creating, planting, and painting his creative gardens of the mind. With examples of beginning doodle/sketches to early botanical works, you’ll see how his recent works have developed along the way.

Image: Searching for Possibilities, watercolor, 34 x 26 inches

More about Tony:

I’ve enjoyed working as a graphic designer for over forty years, the major part of the time as owner of my own design studio. I always made art since grade school. I started painting more in the mid 80s when I started entering juried competitions and a few group gallery shows.

I can simply say that I make art because I always have. I do it because it suits me. I have gained friendships through it, many kindnesses have come out of it, and it brings me great joy.

Making art can be daunting at times, and we artists can struggle with it. My question has been, am I creating something unique and relevant to who I am? I think I’m getting a little closer. I’ll leave you with your own questions and hope your answers are satisfying to each and everyone of you.