Artist Demo: The Power of Limits with Carole Rabe

January 25, 2023

Carole Rabe is an oil painter and collage artist who works with her immediate surroundings. Rabe will give a talk that will offer more questions than answers as she discusses her creative journey. The title of her talk, The Power of Limits, is from a book by Gyorgy Doczi. This idea—power through limits—has provided a strong foundation for her exploration of her immediate surroundings. There will also be a short demonstration of how one might use “limits” as a positive approach to art-making, and a hands-on, simple exercise in “limits” for the audience.


Image: Carole Rabe, Winter Sunset, oil on canvas, 30 x 24 inches

Carole Rabe is an oil painter whose interiors and still lifes are created from direct observation. Her immediate surroundings provide the imagery for her paintings. She is interested in the way light reveals and conceals forms, and how it influences the color of objects. Her compositions explore relationships—between shapes, values, colors, objects, and the rectangle of the canvas. Human presence is implied in her paintings.