Artist Demo: The Wild, Wonderful World of Abstract Collage with Kimberly Stoney

May 3, 2023

Join us on May 3rd for an Artist Demo with Kimberly Stoney, who will give a hands-on demonstration of how she recreates images from life to make abstract collages. Kimberly will share how she prepares the colorful pattern papers used in her multi-layered collages. As Kimberly says, the sense of possibility when holding a “piece of color” is intensely inspiring and sparks the question “what if” that underlies her collaging process.

“I love to tear, fold, and crumple, thin pieces of paint, stained papers and layer them in unexpected compositions, punctuated with active mark making. My collage paintings are inspired by the mundane moments in my daily life: folding laundry, chauffeuring a child, walking in the woods. I’m interested in creating and covering, revealing the layers in my own working process.”


Image: Kimberly Stoney, There Are Things Down There You Wouldn’t Believe

Kimberly Stoney is known for her colorful and dynamic compositions inspired by her everyday life. Her past work as a sculptor and ceramicist informs her working process. She uses paint, collage and drawing materials to build rich and deep layers of visual information that invite the viewer to join her to find new meanings in the ordinary. Her work has been included in shows in North Carolina, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Stoney has a BFA degree in ceramics from Alfred University (NYSCC) and a MFA in sculpture from UNC-Chapel Hill. Currently she works as a craft designer and stylist, creating and developing crafts for magazines, books, television and the web.