Artist Lecture: Feeding the Inner Eye and Handling Ourselves on the Visual Playing Field with Stuart Shils

In-Person Event
October 13, 2022

The Inner Eye is the beginning of it all, a place of almost holy mystery that we can point to, but cannot really define, capture or rationally explain, as is the case with most aspects of our practice. Besides looking at the nitty gritty of observation and how we respond to it, the discussion will touch on questions like: visual meaning and desire, how we stretch from here to there, the nature of expectations, right and wrong, being lost and being found. The overriding theme is how we meet and move within the saturation of the visual moment and the presentation will be accessible to anyone interested in cultivating their relationship with the visual world.

This event is free and open to the public.

This Artist Lecture also serves as a 90-minute introductory slide talk for the 3-day class The Interiority of Observation and the Cultivation of Being Lost.