The Faculty Show Reception

Outdoor Artist Reception
November 6, 2021

Concord Art is thrilled to honor 50 of the region’s best artists who love to teach at Concord Art (lucky for us!). Enjoy warm beverages and fall goodies at our illuminated outdoor patio reception on Saturday, November 6, from 4-6pm.

Exhibiting Artists:

Kim Alemian, Adria Arch, Liz Awalt, Cat Bennett, Coco Berkman, Matt Brown, Hannah Bureau, Jean Carter, Daphne Confar, Lisa Daria-Kennedy, Kathy Deflice-Secor, Shelly Eager, Emily Eveleth, Meredith Fife-Day, Rick Fox, Erik Gehring, Paul George, Ania Gilmore, Marjorie Glick, Jane Goldman, Kristina Goransson, Nancy Gruskin, Kate Hanlon, Santiago Hernandez, Kathleen Jacobs, Ken Kewley, Ron Krouk, Carolyn Letvin, Ying Li, Wilhelm Neusser, George Nick, Dean Nimmer, Emily Passman, Maris Platais, Jill Pottle, Doron Putka, Ron Rosenstock, Katy Schneider, Janet Schwartz, Alexandra Sheldon, Stuart Shils, Charlie Shurcliff, Tracy Spadafora, Caleb Stone, Julia Talcott, Chris Volpe, Martha Wakefield, Marcia Wise, Amy Wynne, Penn Young

As part of our celebration of teachers, we’re hosting a fall fundraiser, Buy an Apple for The Teachers, to support our vibrant educational programs. Each donation will come with a chance to receive free admission to some of your favorite educational programs at Concord Art, including Make It & Take It Art Nights, classes and workshops, and more!