Elsie Roberts (right) and Grace Keyes (left)

A Boston Marriage

Exhibition Reception Date:

Thursday June 13th at 5:30pm

Exhibition Opening:

Saturday June 1, 2024

Exhibition End Date:

Sunday June 30, 2024

First known to be used as a term in 1893, a Boston marriage referred to “a long-term loving relationship between two women” according to Merriam-Webster. So describes the relationship between Concord Art’s founder Elizabeth Wentworth Roberts and Grace Keyes; together they created a home and a life in Concord in the early twentieth century.

In honor of Grace and Elsie (as Roberts was called by those closest to her), this special exhibition celebrates who these extraordinary women were and how they spent their time together both at home in New England and traveling the world abroad. Featuring photographs and material culture from Concord Art’s archive, journey with Grace and Elsie from when they met in 1900 through the end of Elsie’s life in 1927.