March 28, May5, 2013

Artists’ talks: 7:00pm 

Adria Arch, Brenda Cirioni, Jodi Colella,
Merill Comeau, Catherine Evans, Anne Krinsky,
Ilana Manolson, Margot Stage, Kathleen Volp, Martha Wakefield, Jeanne Williamson

Curated by Merill Comeau

The first steps of an artist’s journey are taken alone and are propelled by the individual’s passion to create. This exhibition explores a group of women who not only have individual art-making practices, but have also joined together to navigate that solo journey with the support of a self-coaching group.

Though their work is diverse in media, subject matter, and concept, these artists are unified in their desire to craft their careers as thoughtfully
as they create their art. 

The exhibition includes paintings on a variety of surfaces, mixed media works, fiber art, prints, and sculpture. The work is hung on walls, mounted on pedestals and installed outside in the landscape.  The display of each artist’s work is accompanied by labeling with excerpts from oral histories collected by artist/curator and group member Merill Comeau.  These quotes give voice to each artist’s experience of dedicated studio space and forging a career in a community with other artists. The title of the exhibition A Room of Our Own is a play on Virginia Woolf’s title “A Room of One’s Own” refers both to the essential component of a studio for these artists and to the collective “space” experienced in this group. The title pays homage to Elizabeth Wentworth Roberts, artist and visionary founder
of Concord Art Association, who eschewed restrictive societal expectations for women and provided her gallery to exhibit the work of contemporary artists. In addition, the title honors the life of artist Dorothy Thompson. Ms. Thompson gracefully juggled motherhood and careers as an artist and a curator. Her family has generously supported this exhibition in her memory.

A Room of Our Own

A Room of Our Own

Exhibition Reception Date:

Thursday, March 28, 6-8pm

Exhibition Opening:

March 28, 2013

Exhibition End Date:

May 5, 2013

Exhibition Year:


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