Curated by Pamela Clark Cochrane 

Featured artists:
Heather Annis, Nancy Banker, Wendy Brown, Patricia Burleson, Alicia Dwyer, Lorie Hamermesh, Cara Hochhalter, Linda Hoffman, Debra Olin,
Nancy Reyner, Dana Salvo, Dawn Southworth,
and Zsuzsanna Szegedi.

The nature of art and spirituality is the common denominator of artistic expression. Witness, explore and interact with art that calls us into dialogue, exploration and practice, and illuminates the threads of spirituality that connect us with humanity and the creative process.

Pamela Cochrane is a co-founder and the Community Exhibitions Coordinator of For Arts Sake-Harvard, a non-profit community art association in Harvard, MA and Director of Children’s Ministries at Hancock United Church of Christ in Lexington, MA. Pam brings more than 25 years of experience in the arts, as director, curator, and owner of Clark Gallery in Lincoln, MA, to her current passion of fostering creative expression in communities.

Art and Spirituality Entwined

Art and Spirituality Entwined

Exhibition Reception Date:

Thursday, March 29, 6-8:00pm

Exhibition Opening:

March 29, 2012

Exhibition End Date:

May 6, 2012

Exhibition Year:


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