Kay Hartung

My current body of work is related to my fascination with the microscopsic world. I have been looking at electron microscope photographs and am inspired by the abstract organic shapes and intense color of this hidden world. I imagine the energy and interactions that go on in the body and the mind to produce action and thought. I am exploring the connections between science and art; conscious of the profound effects that these minute biological forms have on the universe.

This series of encaustic work, loosely based on observation of biological structures, explores the interconnections of these cellular forms. The process builds layer upon layer suggesting growth, development and movement. Some of the pieces are in more of a static or restful stage whereas others explode with activity.

The Orbs bring my work into a third dimension as I continue to imagine cellular forms interacting. As I was building these shapes I also began to relate them to the cosmos and groupings of planets. At the same time they could be ancient dinosaur eggs and one wonders what may be growing within.

Steve Cadwell

My 35 year career as a psychotherapist informs my art. My art informs my therapeutic work. Through visual art, we experience a deeper vision of our selves. The visual energy vitalizes us—freshens our perspective on Life: freed association. Untangling sea-rope from its earlier functional role, I celebrate its color and new possibility. Grooming, weaving, and re-contextualizing, I discover new meaning. This is also true of my masks: trash made treasure. The process parallels my work as a psychotherapist. With my clients, I untangle old “nots” to find more life—free of contorted constrictions.



Exhibition Opening:

April 12, 2015

Exhibition End Date:

May 9, 2015

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