Al Levin

Everybody loves flowers. We are seduced by their colors: hot pinks, cool blues, vibrant yellows, exotic purples, lush greens. It’s probably in our DNA (as well as those of bees and hummingbirds) to find color appealing.

But flowers offer more visual pleasures than merely color. They have forms and patterns. They can be simple or intricate, streamlined or Baroque, symmetrical or asymmetrical. We tend to overlook these features, which are often overshadowed by the dramatic colors of flowers.

This exhibit attempts to explore the beauty of flower forms and patterns. Botanists tell us that flowers have only a few basic parts: sepals, petals, pistils and stamens. Yet these basic parts have evolved extraordinary diversity of form and configuration.

I hope this exhibit encourages you to approach flowers with “color blind” vision.

Flowers & Figures

Exhibition Artist(s):

Caryl Hull Leavitt and Al Levin
Works by Caryl Hull Leavitt and Al Levin

Exhibition Reception Date:

May 9, 2019

Exhibition Opening:

April 16, 2019

Exhibition End Date:

May 12, 2019

Exhibition Year:


Iris cristata, photo by Al Levin