Carole Rabe, Red Wall, 2023, oil on canvas, 30 x 24; Christiane Corcelle, Flirting with Red, mixed media painting 24 x 24

Carole Farnsworth Rabe

I receive my inspiration from intense observation of the things around me, exploring how the human eye perceives the things around us, and how the hand and the heart work to put the image on canvas.

My imagery is personal; I need some connection to my subject matter in order for me to claim it in a painting. The way light reflects on a countertop or hits the side of a chair is the spark that gets the painting started. My paintings are about the relationship between the colors, shapes, and values that are created by the color of light.

It’s a wonderful feeling when the reality of the painting takes on a life of its own and exists on its own apart from the objects observed. It seems like such a simple thing, but there is something magical and transcendent about this aspect of representation that has a very strong power for me.

Chasing Color: Christiane Corcelle + Carole Rabe

Exhibition Reception Date:

February 22 at 5:30pm

Exhibition Opening:

February 22

Exhibition End Date:

March 22

Exhibition Year:


Christiane Corcelle

My art is a spontaneous and intuitive process that involves painting, collage, de-collage,
scraping, sanding, and layering. I build depth and history by repeating these steps,
creating a dynamic interplay between addition and subtraction. Inspired by my love of
nature, the memories of my travels, and the beauty found in everyday life, each piece
becomes a textured tapestry that tells a unique visual story.

Viewers are invited to embark on their own interpretative journey through the layers of
meaning embedded within each piece.

Corcelle’s artwork has been showcased in numerous exhibitions, both locally and globally, including in the United States, China, Vietnam, Peru, Cuba, and Iceland. Her captivating pieces have become integral parts of both private and public collections, finding homes in prestigious institutions such as the Museum of Fine Arts, the Boston Public Library, the Art Complex
Museum, the Contemporary Art Center, the Vietnam Fine Arts Association in Hanoi, the Danang Fine Arts Museum in Vietnam, the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China, the Universidade Feevale in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, and Las Casas de las Americas in Habana, Cuba.

The Umbrella Arts Center
40 Stow Street
Studio 306 B
Concord, MA 01742
Facebook: christiane.corcelle