Bon Voyage

May 2007
The Coleman Gallery

Artist’s Statement:

Fascinated by colors, shapes and found objects and how they interact, I create artwork in a variety of styles and media. My work is based on a perpetual passion for giving life through composition and ranges from printmaking, digital art printing and creating mixed-media pieces.

My inspiration comes from photographs I have taken, found objects and other elements, and deals with personal observations and experiences acquired from visiting and living in different countries around the world.

“BON VOYAGE” is a culmination of these perceptions, in the form of images that portray a characteristic and contemporary style that invites individual response and interpretations.

Regardless of the approacth, art makes me feel happy and alive.

“Art does not reproduce the visible, it renders visible” Klee

Christiane Corcelle-Lippeveld

Christiane Corcelle-Lippeveld

Exhibition Opening:

May 1, 2007

Exhibition End Date:

May 30, 2007

Exhibition Year:



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