Caryl Hull Leavitt, Pink Garden, acrylic, 56 x 65; Juni Van Dyke, Untitled, acrylic, 23 x 23

Caryl Hull Leavitt

Painting is my way of connecting to what I see and experience. My art is as much observation as it is interpretation.

I see dynamic compositions all around me and respond to them with loose brushstrokes and gestural marks. I favor expression over likeness.

In “ColorSplash” I turn my focus to table top sets up, Dutch flower arrangements and a small urban garden, each a world onto themselves rich in beauty and abundance but equally stiff in their formality,  seemingly isolated, and oddly unwelcoming. In my mind, it’s “look but don’t touch.”

I reinterpret these scenes in way that makes sense to me—injecting life into their stillness. Individual flowers, planters, vases, plates, wine goblets, etc., lose their “alone-ness” and morph into a greater whole—a party of color and rhythm with an invitation to come on in and explore.


Join Caryl for her one day workshop, ‘Tablescape: Observation and Interpretation’ on March 29. More information can be found here. 

ColorSplash: Caryl Hull Leavitt + Juni Van Dyke

Exhibition Reception Date:

March 28, 5:30pm

Exhibition Opening:

March 28

Exhibition End Date:

April 28

Exhibition Year:


Juni Van Dyke

Both nature and music are driving forces in my art. And, as I work, these words by Spanish painter Joan Miro are never far away, “I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.”

Also never far away: Miles Davis

Juni Van Dyke is a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and holds a BFA and MAT from Tufts University. Since 1996, she has been the director of the arts program at The Rose Baker Senior Center, Gloucester. Under her direction, work created by Senior Citizens has been exhibited in museums and public institutions in New England. Van Dyke is the recipient of The St. Botolph Foundation Award, Boston. Van Dyke’s work is held in the permanent collection of the Cape Ann Museum, and in numerous private collections. Her work was selected by Room & Board for inclusion in its limited edition art series and is on view throughout the U.S. in Room & Board locations.

Join Juni for her Artist Demo on April 3. More information can be found here.