The Two Faces of Carol 2, lithography, 15 x 18, 2021

Donna Gordon is both a visual artist and a fiction writer. Her visual art is often driven by the desire to tell a story. She is represented by Galatea Fine Art, SOWA, Boston.

Work is forthcoming in shows at the Danforth Art Museum and the Cambridge Art Association. She was included in recent exhibitions at Fitchburg Art Museum, Bromfield Gallery, Cape Cod Museum of Art, Providence Art Club, Rhode Island Watercolor Society, Union of Maine Visual Artists, Featherstone Gallery.

Her work with Amnesty International and former political prisoners culminated in “Putting Faces on the Unimaginable: Portraits and Interviews with Former Prisoners of Conscience,” exhibited at Harvard’s Fogg Museum.  Her debut novel, What Ben Franklin Would Have Told Me, will be released on June 8th, 2022.​

Double Vision: Donna Gordon

Exhibition Reception Date:

June 16, 2022, 5:30pm

Exhibition Opening:

June 16, 2022

Exhibition End Date:

July 17, 2022

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There is a dynamic flow between details of events that have occurred and the memories of them that we hold. Donna Gordon, in her printed impressions, transforms her personal photographs into dreamscapes of a world lost in time.

The theme of duality belongs to the realm of contemporary printmaking. Although making multiples is intrinsic to the medium, printmakers still have the opportunity to create unique variations of an image that bring a slight shift in meaning. Often the differences between prints can be subtle. Integral to this process is the medium of photo transfer paper lithography, a method that can be unpredictable and changeable, when details disappear in favor of an overall sense of lapse, like a change in perspective. Her monotypes are a printmaker’s sensual feast of texture: rolled out tones, figurative shapes, and drips and splatters. In her layered narrative abstractions, Donna Gordon explores imagery that brings emotional weight to the idea of “otherness.”  -Kate Hanlon