The luminous sea is at the center of Katha Seidman’s Constructed Illusions. These new works combine found objects and painted images to evoke imagined places.

Katha Seidman plays with the picture plane by merging
her visual recollection of a place with the tactile experience of being there.  She creates images of space and light by spreading paint with brushes, palette knives and her fingers.

At times, Katha might then expand the picture plane by echoing painted rocks with real ones.  Behind them, ancient pilings break through the rippling surface of a
bay at dawn.  In other works, Katha places glass floats, lead cubes or river rocks on a shelf in front of a painted wall.  Outlining a hole in the picture plane, Katha transports the stillness of a moonrise into the room.
In one particular work, a beautiful beach spiked by a
dead tree is trapped in a wire cage.  Katha Seidman’s constructions upend the expected by interweaving reality with illusion.

An Emmy Award winning production designer, Katha’s work designing sets has clearly informed this new, multi-dimensional work.



Exhibition Opening:

October 2, 2012

Exhibition End Date:

October 30, 2012

Exhibition Year:


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