Juror: Mim Brooks Fawcett, Executive Director, Attleboro Arts Museum

Thank you to all members who submitted to 2015 Members Juried 2. The caliber of art was once again outstanding. Of more than 300 entries, we congratulate those accepted to be exhibited. Click here for that Accepted Entries List.

Congratulations to the MJ2 Prize winners of Concord Art Association’s 2015 Members Juried 2: Photography, Drawing, Mixed Media, Crafts, and Graphics exhibition (March 5—April 3, 2015). Pictured (from left) are: Kate James, Director of Concord Art, with winners Ania Gilmore of Lexington, Betty Canick of Roslindale, Susan Maxfield of Stow, Doron Putka of Brookline, Zoe Perry-Wood of Lexington, Mary Spencer of Natick, and Juror Mim Brooks Fawcett, Executive Director of the Attleboro Arts Museum.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 MJ1 Prize: Betty Canick, Maine Dreams; Mary Spencer, Jerry Dreams of Flight, Nancy T. Baldwin Memorial Prize for Drawing; Susan Maxfield, Twig Nest; Ania Gilmore, Knowledge, Inc.; Doron Putka, A Family in Dimona; Zoe Perry-Wood, Elsa 9/22/2013.

For the full list of accepted entries, please click here.
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“I would never refer to myself as a formulaic thinker, however when it comes to jurying an exhibition of art I do try to follow something of a mental framework to help make my initial selections.

Without question, I begin the process with great respect for all submitting artists and their work. I realize that behind every piece I see there are countless hours of hands-on and conceptual time – not to mention material costs. Additionally, the courage required to submit artwork for consideration should not be ignored. The very act of sharing original art can be challenging and often difficult for artists – no matter how seasoned they may be. All members that have submitted work to the Concord Art Association 2015 Members Juried 2 exhibition are to be recognized for their efforts and are encouraged to continue to share their creativity every chance they get.

With that said, all entries were carefully reviewed for strength of technique, innovation, engaging composition, use of materials and overall presentation. There is also the make-me-look-twice factor that is truly critical when it comes to an exhibition of this kind. With over 300+ strong entries and just about 90 spots for them, the work needs to command attention. This can be done quietly, or with a boom – the volume isn’t the issue. It is the authenticity and soul of a piece that ushers it through the jurying process. Add in the fundamentals of striking technique, impressive presentation, a compelling concept, etc. and you have a work that is accepted for exhibition.

I’d like to thank the staff and volunteers of the Concord Art Association for their great support and gracious welcome. It was a pleasure working with each of them and getting to know the art of the Association’s membership.”

—Mim Brooks Fawcett, MJ2 Juror, Executive Director, Attleboro Arts Museum

Wednesday, February 25, 10 am—7 pm. Delivery Date.
Thursday, February 26 10 am—4 pm. Delivery Date.
Friday, February 27, after 5 pm. Accepted Artists Notified.
Saturday, February 28, 10 am—4pm. Pick up for work not accepted.
Sunday, February 29, noon—4 pm. Pick up for work not accepted.
Thursday, March 5, 6—8. Opening Reception.
Saturday, April 4, 10—4 pm. Pick up for accepted work.
Sunday, April 5, noon—4 pm. Pick up for accepted work.

Members Juried 2


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