Julia Talcott/Prints
John S. Tilney/Photo Collages

Photo prints and Relief prints serve as the building blocks for the constructed images of John S. Tilney Jr. and Julia Talcott. Their patterned and manipulated print and collage work references nature with a twist. Print media is used and re-used in juxtaposed patterns create two different but mesmerizing bodies of work that reference art as a constructed surface. John is a photographic artist living in Concord, who retired as an economist and financial analyst to pursue his interests in the arts. Julia is an artist/illustrator/printmaker living in Newton. She teaches relief printmaking in the Boston area and shows her work nationally.

Members Show: Julia Talcott and John S. Tilney

Exhibition Opening:

October 19, 2014

Exhibition End Date:

November 22, 2014

Exhibition Year: