Sunday, November 13, 2:00-4:00pm
with Poetry Reading by Alan Feldman, 3:15-3:45pm
(from his newly published book, Beloved Young)

 Blessed by a love of life, an optimistic outlooknan_feldman, a very high energy level, a passion for painting, and a drive to put and keep my creative life in the forefront —
I believe all this has gone into my thirty-nine year career as an artist.

Since early childhood, I have had a love for strong color and design, regardless of whatever medium I used, be it drawing, collage, mixed-media, oils, nan_feldmanacrylics, oilsticks, or encaustics. Regardless of my love for different mediums, my work is image-based and revolves around the house (both interiors and exteriors) and landscapes as subjects. I see my work as integral to my life and my way of recording and responding creatively to place and time, engaging emotions, fantasy, and fiction. I love to capture my real environments or those of friends, and places I’ve been to, through my screen of selective seeing, playful detail, heightened color, and bits of fantasy.

Having grown up in art museums in New York City and having taught in three art museums in Massachusetts for the past thirty-eight years, I make art as a way of paying homage to those artists who have touched my life since early childhood.  Too many to name—they have been my teachers, and as Philip Guston said: “When you’re in the studio painting, there are a lot of people in there with you. Your teachers, friends, painters from history, critics. . . and one by one, if you’re really painting, they walk out.  And if you’re really painting — you walk out.”

Nan Hass Feldman Places I’ve Been: Real and Imagined

Nan Hass Feldman Places I've Been: Real and Imagined

Exhibition Reception Date:

Sunday, November 13, 2:00-4:00pm

Exhibition Opening:

November 1, 2011

Exhibition End Date:

November 30, 2011

Exhibition Year:


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