Opening Reception: Sunday, March 2, 2-4pm

March 2, – March 30, 2014

Recent oil paintings by Laurie Simko
and aerial photographs by Al Levin

Near & Far: Laurie Simko and Al Levin

Exhibition Opening:

March 2, 2014

Exhibition End Date:

March 30, 2014

Exhibition Year:


Near and Far juxtaposes two contrasting perspectives: the oil paintings of Laurie Simko and the aerial photographs of Al Levin.

Laurie’s images (Near) celebrate the lush life of the earth’s flora found in the streams, marshes, bogs and woods around us. Her focus is a microview of the natural world with its rhythmic flow of vibrant colors, textures and random shapes.

Al’s images (Far) capture the remarkable variety of the earth’s surface. Mysterious and beautiful abstract patterns emerge, created by both natural and man-made structures. His focus is a macroview, in which familiar earth features undergo transmutation.

The paintings of the natural world from below and the aerial photos from above find echos in each other. Nature’s patterns repeat themselves on both the micro and the macro level.