The Unique Print is the third in a series of exhibits curated by Dorothy Thompson

in which the richness of printmaking in New England is explored and celebrated. This exhibit brings together 27 artists who dare to break the rules and experiment with a myriad of techniques and materials – including machine stitching, quilting, stamping, sandpaper, pastel, as well as wood, metal, ink and paper.

Featured artists:

Roz Karol Ablow
Laurie Alpert
Jan Arabas
Gerry Bergstein
Catherine Carter
Randy Garber
John Gibson
Jane Goldman
James Hansen
Constance Jacobson
Joel Janowitz
Catherine Kernan
H. Peik Larsen
Marcus Linnenbrink
Ilana Manolson
Michael Mazur
Peter McDonald
Carolyn Muskat
Carrie Moyer
Candy Nartonis
Debra Olin
Wendy Prellwitz
Barbara Putnam
Heddi Vaughan Siebel
Jeanne Williamson
Janine Wong
Valda Zalkins

New England Impressions III The Unique Print

New England Impressions III The Unique Print

Exhibition Opening:

March 21, 2009

Exhibition End Date:

April 3, 2009

Exhibition Year:



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