“My paintings and drawings have been described as expressionist realism. My preferred subject matter is still life. I am fascinated with common household items that we take for granted. In my paintings I explore the humor, emotion and relationships, (emulating those among humans), between objects. Using oils, acrylics, dry and oil pastels and sometimes collage materials and carefully controlling the lighting of still life scenes, I delve directly into the emotional tension between the objects. This anthropomorphism is perhaps most apparent in my “vacuum paintings”, where the objects being to resemble an old married couple. I reinterpret my subject matter into a more personal response to color, form, pattern and light. I love to get lost in the moment, searching for a perfect brush stroke or delicious color combination that vividly abstracts reality.

The other enticements of the still life are in reflections, patterning and clutter. I often feel as if I am painting an epic marketplace. Patterns and their connections, the flow of fabric, and the wildly distorted reflections in the metallic or glass objects are an exciting challenge. Regardless of the subject matter, I am always searching for a life-force among the objects I paint and am passionate about making that presence known.”

Not So Still, Still Life


Exhibition Opening:

March 15, 2015

Exhibition End Date:

April 12, 2015

Exhibition Year:


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