The annual Paint The Town exhibit/auction will take place Saturday, May 17. Artists from the CAA will be out painting en plein aire around town. Their works will go on the auction block that evening.

This year’s event promises to be one of our most exciting and diverse collections ever. But due to fire code restrictions and egress issues that limit the number of people allowed in the second floor gallery, we are only able to have 80 Live Auction seats at this year’s Paint the Town event. These 80 Live Auction seats will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, so we encourage you to reserve your seats early.

Despite these new space restrictions, we have come up with some creative solutions to allow more mingling and art viewing during both the Sielent and Live Auction, you’ll have plenty of fun. With food and drink available, you can have your caricature done as a souvenir of the evening. And if there’s a piece in the Live Auction that you just have to bid on, you’ll be able to do that, too.

Don’t risk missing the best seats in the house at this very extraordinary and exciting event! To make your reservations, call the Art Association at 978-369-2578 x15 now!

Participating Artists
Susan Armstrong
Pamela Baldwin
Vladimir Barsukov
Catherine Bartlett-Hirani
Myrna Beecher
Joan Benincasa
Penny Billings
Cathleen Bradley
Jean Carter
Irma Cerese
Debra Corbett
Gracia Dayton
Caroline DiNunzio
Mudgie Djerf
Patience Epstein
Charlotte Gibbs
Christine Greene
Nan Hass Feldman
Ross Harris
Nadia Irish
Karen Jones
Barbara Jones
Philip Kelsey
Will Kirkpatrick
Holly Larner
Norman Law
Carolyn Letvin
Barbara Levine
Jean Lightman
Darryl Loyer
Gene Mackles
Mary Beth Maisel
Ilana Manolson
Erica Mason
Susan Maxfield
Kathy McDonough
Peter McGowan
Andy Newman
Richard Owens
Emily Passman
Maris Platais
David Prifti
Joan Rademacher
Don Reed
Linda Reedy
Mary Jo Rines
Dennis Russas
Lena Sirota
Augusta Crocker Stewart
Ann Sussman
Michael C. Thompson
William Turville
John Wood

Hilary Baldwin
M.A. Bramhall
John Borchard
Fran Busse
Karen Coill
Lynn Cunningham
Gregory Dysart
Jean Eberle
Laurie Engdahl
Madeleine Evans
Joyce Fearnside
Virginia Fitzgerald

Cathy Garnett
Pat Gunning
Connie Johnson
Carol Keller
Al Kohnle
Mary Kostman
Carol Krauss
Fay Lamson Hannon
Lonnie Harvey
Barbara Larner
Michelle Lavallee Berti
Eleonora Lecei
Susan Lesburg
Kathy Manley
Lisa Marder
Jamie Maxfield
Anne McNevin
Susanne Meterko
Alice Moulton
Clare Nesdall
Mary Nolan
Mary Pope
Nancy Roberts
Karen Roop
Mark Richards
Ilie Ruby
Virginia Scott


Paint the Town 2008

Paint the Town 2008

Exhibition Reception Date:

May 17

Exhibition Opening:

May 17, 2008

Exhibition End Date:

May 17, 2008

Exhibition Year:


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