MAY 4 – MAY 14, 2004
Samples of work by participating artists

Artists participating in the Paint the Town

Armstrong, Sue
Baldwin, Pam
Bartlett-Hirani, Catherine
Blagden, Jane Calandrella
Cerese, Irma
Coleman, Loring
Dayton, Gracia
DiNunzio, Caroline
Djerf, Mudgie
Eberle, Ben
Epstein, Patience
Evans, Madeleine
Ewing, Hasso
Feld, Phyllis
Fichera, Jeff
Gibbs, Charles
Gibbs, Charlotte
Gomery, Dina
Grabhorn, Ed
Haggard, Lynette
Hannan, Robert
Howell, Nancy
Hoy, Jill
Hughes, Phyllis
Kipp, Margaret
Larner, Holly
Letvin, Carolyn
Levering, Betsy
Levine, Barbara
MacNeill, Fred
Maestre, Jennifer
Manolson, Ilana
Mason, Max
Maxfield, Susan
McDonough, Kathy
Moulton, Alice

Newman, Andy
Nick, George
Owens, Richard
Platais, Maris
Prifti, Dave
Rademacher, Joan
Russas, Dennis
Spillane, Dona
Stewart, Augusta Crocker
Thompson, Mike
Turville, Bill
Waddell, Sylvia

Concord Art Association’s Annual Fund Raising Auction
MAY 15, 2004
Silent Auction – 5:00pm, Live Auction – 6:00pm
Tickets: $35 per person or $ 50 per couple prior to the day

Artists participating in the Silent Auction:

Benincasa, Joan
Bogen, Herbert
Bramhall, M.A.
Burggraf, Ingeborg
Corbett, Debra
Day, Lanny
Dysart, Gregory
Eberle, Jean
Fairly, Irene
Garnet, Cathy
Gillespie, Ann
Gayley, Molly
Harris, Ross
Hughes, Charles
Jermantowicz, James
Johnson, Connie
Jones, Barbara
Kelsey, Phillip
Larner, Barbara
Loyer, Darryl
Marshall, Marty
McGowan, Peter
Meeks, Catherine
Miller, Leslie
Murphy, Ann
Peacock, Barbara
Porter, Virginia

Reed, Don
Richman, Arlene
Roop, Karen
Sabin, Richard
Smith, Joan Terrell
Stasa, Marcella
Walsh, Marjorie

The CONCORD ART ASSOCIATION will open an exhibition of work by 60 plus
member artists on Tuesday, May 4th, through Friday May 14th, 2004. This is a
preview of work of artists who will be donating work to our annual fund-raising auction, Paint the Town, which will take place on the evening of Saturday, May 15th. In addition to art that is created before the day of the event, some of these artists will set out to find micro-views of our town that they will paint on the day of the auction. The Preview Show will give the auction attendees a chance to get familiar with the artists that
will be represented.

Since 1917, the Concord Art Association has been a center for the arts in Concord, Massachusetts. Founded by the American Impressionist painter, Elizabeth Wentworth Roberts, the Association moved to the circa 1750 John Ball House purchased by Ms. Roberts in 1922. There, Daniel Chester French, renowned for the Minuteman Statue at the Old North Bridge in Concord and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., was elected the first president of the Association, and a sky-lighted gallery was installed on the second floor of the colonial house at 37 Lexington Road. Under the leadership of these two Concord artists, the Association flourished in the 1920s with paintings and sculpture exhibited by Monet, Hassam, Cassatt, Sargent, Beaux, Benson, Dewing, Hoffman, Grafly, Davies, Bellows and many others.

In the Articles of Incorporation of the Concord Art Association, the founding members of the Association organized it for the purpose of “the encouragement, promotion and advancement of art and art exhibitions; to establish and maintain in the Town of Concord an art museum; to acquire and dispose of works of art.” The purpose continues today. The Art Association has over 400 artist members and mounts from ten to twelve exhibitions every year (member and open competitions, retrospectives and group shows) along with smaller one person shows. Classes, workshops and panel discussions, lectures and trips bring artists and patrons together from the entire New England area. The Association also maintains a small permanent collection.

With the perennial success of our fund-raiser, Paint The Town, the Concord Art Association continues to experience exciting growth. We look forward to the support of our members, as well as the community at large, so that we may continue to offer studio classes, lectures, exhibitions, trips and a variety of shows that excite and inspire the creative spirit in all of us.

Paint the Town

Paint the Town

Exhibition Reception Date:

6pm starts the Auction! Preview Show is May 10 - 13

Exhibition Opening:

May 10, 2016

Exhibition End Date:

May 14, 2016

Exhibition Year:



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