Responding to Place features the work of fifteen painters who share a common practice rooted in the direct observation and response to place. To create the show, seven core artists each invited another artist to participate. The exhibit reflects not only a long tradition of landscape painting but the practice of artists encouraging fellow artists. Responding to Place honors Boston native Bernard Chaet (1924-2012) and contains work by him on loan from his daughter Leah Vogel.

Bernard Chaet: Exhibit honoree 

Kib Bramhall 

Ken Vincent

John Walker

Andy Karnes

Lois Dodd 

Elizabeth O’Reilly

Stuart Shils

SaraNoa Mark

Wolf Kahn 

James Urbaska

Rick Fox 

Kathleen Jacobs

Allen Whiting

Susanah Howland  

Responding to Place

Responding to Place

Exhibition Reception Date:

June 16, 6-8pm

Exhibition Opening:

June 16, 2016

Exhibition End Date:

August 13, 2016

Exhibition Year:


Concord Art will be showing LOIS DODD: MAINE MASTER in conjunction with Responding to Place on THURSDAY, JULY 7th at 6PM.

Maine Masters is an ongoing film series featuring some of Maine’s most distinguished artists sponsored by the Union of Maine Visual Artists

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