A B O U T   M Y   W O R K

Ross Harris

When I go out to photograph, I am drawn to the mystery and magic in the world. While I see light and objects, when I am open and awake I sense something more. I seek to get in touch with that something more, the essence and spirit of what I see, and convey that in my photographs. In the darkroom, and now on the computer, I explore the possibilities in an image. Sometimes I want to be faithful to the light, shapes, and textures I photographed. Other times I want to alter some aspect to create a more intense experience—to get closer to what I sensed with my camera.

After years of working in the darkroom, I am using the computer to explore my scanned black and white large-format negatives and make new archival pigment prints. While I love my old silver-gelatin prints, these new prints on matte rag paper have a wonderful luminous quality that sometimes remind me of early platinum prints. A few years ago I started using a digital camera, giving me the opportunity to try color after years as a black and white photographer. Recently I have been experimenting with transforming the color in my images, moving from a realistic interpretation to something entirely new.

With my photographs I hope to catch your eye, stop you, and have you say “What is that?” or, “I never saw that before.” With each picture I hope to create an increased sense of wonder at the world we live in.

Ross Harris

Ross Harris

Exhibition Reception Date:

May 10, 2-4 pm

Exhibition Opening:

May 2, 2009

Exhibition End Date:

May 30, 2009

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