Sara Demrow Dent has been writing and painting
for over twelve years. She has shown her work in New York, California and Massachusetts and is included in collections internationally. Sara is a member of the Concord Art Association and a multi award-winning featured artist at the Newburyport Art Association (NAA). Sara recently earned the honor of being of of the few artists to have ever
won Best of Show twice in the history of the NAA. Sara is currently represented by Chameleon Gallery in Newburyport, MA and works out of her studio in West Newbury.
Sara describes her work as follows:

“My work strives to wed wild nature with a more architectural line. I utilize many layers of paint
to create different levels of texture and demrow_dent_protectorcolor saturation. Within the layers I include my original poetry that has evolved from my obser-vations of natural beauty, color stories, and life. Recently,
I have been exploring the architecture of flowers, seascapes and horizon lines. Many of my pieces include realistically painted icons within their abstracted environments. I like the push pull this creates between what we see as “real” and what we experience as “real”.

I began painting birds within my work after the death of my mother in 2005. I originally saw them as representations of her: fragile yet so beautiful and free while conquering their environments with grace. Currently the birds have become a type of alter ego and help visually describe my life and feelings.”

Sara Demrow Dent: Journaled Landscapes

Sara Demrow Dent: Journaled Landscapes

Exhibition Opening:

January 4, 2011

Exhibition End Date:

January 30, 2011

Exhibition Year:


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Forever standing together
Proud poppies on stems that blow and bend

A herald of spring to come
Your gentle wings land at my feet

And I feel you near me