Ablepharus lepido, Celia Knight; Dreams Afloat, Tony Andrade

I make images with paint, paper, canvas, cameras, computers and a deep love of art. For a time now I have been exploring more in my painting, trying to create work in abstraction and using imagination in my im-ages.. This has been a path of great joy for me. As always, I look for inspiration whenever and wherever life occurs. It can inspire you in the most profound ways. My art is evolving. I believe change is good for the soul. When I start a new painting I want it to take me to new places, it’s what I find so appealing in making art.

-Tony Andrade

Join us for an Artist Demo with Tony on Wednesday, November 1

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Shifting Perspectives: Tony Andrade + Celia Knight

Exhibition Reception Date:

Thursday, October 26, 5:30pm

Exhibition Opening:

October 26

Exhibition End Date:

November 26

Exhibition Year:


Based on imaginary universes coexisting simultaneously with our own, my work is where the natural sciences and visual arts converge. Developing my own concept of the natural world through artistic creation is more intriguing to me than studying it scientifically. Through art-making, I investigate the relationship between nature and imagination to come to a deeper understanding of our world and worlds beyond. As my creative process develops, each artwork comes to life in my imagination and a distinct evolutionary narrative begins to form. Through a combination of observation and imagination, I create work that I hope inspires viewers to examine the natural world more carefully and open their minds to new possibilities.

-Celia Knight