Lola Chaisson

All of my work is tied to places and the qualities of light specific to a time and location. I paint to appreciate and hold on to what I have seen and experienced. I learned when my children were young that unstructured time is a necessity for processing experiences.

Far from childhood, in a world with a constant cacophonous stream of images, I aim to reflect. I know that when I have the opportunity to work through a moment with paint, pens or pencil that that experience will remain with me.

For more than a year and a half Covid shutdowns afforded me the luxury of staying in the mind space of my brief December 2019 trip to the Straits of Magellan.   I think of the paintings shown here as tickets allowing entry to those spaces.

A Concord resident for many years, for the most part I work in acrylics; I love everything about them except their hard to spell name.  In summer I head north along the coast and paint the view from my kayak. I have shown my work at many New England galleries and shows.

More of my work can be found at and on Instagram @Lola.Chai

Shifting Perspectives: Lola Chaisson + Al Levin

Exhibition Artist(s):

Lola Chaisson + Al Levin

Exhibition Reception Date:

May 22, 1-3pm

Exhibition Opening:

May 5, 2022

Exhibition End Date:

June 5, 2022

Exhibition Year:


Al Levin

For many years I’ve been fascinated by the remarkable views of the earth that are available from the window seats of commercial airline flights. I’ve captured these “aerial photographs” and exhibited some of them at Concord Art and elsewhere.

Therefore, when my grandson offered to teach me how to fly his drone, I jumped at the opportunity. I was soon hooked. Like my aerial photographs, the drone images revealed the beauty and diversity of the earth’s surface. However, the perspective from the drone altitudes (generally 50 to 400 feet) are quite different than those seen from commercial airplanes which cruise at 30,000 to 40,000 feet. From this bird’s-eye perspective, one sees a wide range of patterns and textures, both natural and manmade. The drone images, often abstract, reveal a whole world previously unseen.

The images in this exhibit were not taken in exotic locales. The venues have included town dumps, quarries, farms, victory gardens, parks, athletic fields, golf courses, ponds, rivers, seashores and coastal plains.