I’ve been a self-taught artist for the most part
of my life. I had freelanced in the graphic arts
for twenty years, which was instrumental in the progression to the fine art I began creating in
1999. At that time the choice was to work primarily in pencil, as I admired its fundamental, dramatic qualities. Toxicity from using paint was also a concern of mine, as chronic health issues had developed.

Weathered subjects in rust and ruin are fascinating to me, not only because of their character, but also in the challenge it takes to recreate the various surface textures on paper. Rural environments are generally where picture concepts are discovered
by chance. I’m a native of Hadley, and feel there
is a wealth of creative inspiration for me here in New England.

My artwork is created in my home studio from photographs I have taken. Photographing during winter months or in rural environments makes it impossible to work on location. Primarily I’m a graphite artist, and use a variety of pencil ‘leads’. Each area is drawn to the finished detail using multi-layered values, as opposed to a painter that may lay in general colors on the onset. Rarely do I return for adjustments. The execution of a large picture may entail many months of work. To create art without the use of color I do enjoy and prefer. Occasionally, when the subject’s interpretation I feel would be enhanced by a color rendition, I will produce a watercolor or oil painting.

A brief listing of credentials-

International Artist Magazine
drawing featured-2003

Drawing Board Magazine
‘April Fools Covered’ drawing featured-2004

American Artist Drawing Magazine
‘Brutes’ drawing featured-2006

Marquis Who’s Who in American Art
artist listing-2009

Strokes of Genius 2 (North Light Books)
‘Past the Destination’ drawing featured-2009

Splash 11 (North Light Books)
‘This Side of Town’ watercolor featured-2010

Splash 12 (North Light Books)
‘Sanctuary’ watercolor featured
(to be published in 2011)

Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, ME
drawing acquired for collection-2002

Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, WI drawing acquired for collection-2007

Numerous regional and national awards, among them:
American Artist’s Professional League, NYC, NY
Best in Show-2009

Concord Art Association, Concord, MA
Nancy T. Baldwin Memorial Drawing Award 2002, 2004, 2010

Academic Artists Association, Springfield, MA
Graphics Honor Award 2001, 2007, 2009

Allied Artists of America, NYC, NY-CT
Academy of Fine Arts award 2007, 2009

Steve Wilda: A Decade of Imagery

Steve Wilda: A Decade of Imagery

Exhibition Opening:

January 1, 1970

Exhibition End Date:

January 1, 1970


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