Sonya Clark, Araminta's calling, 2021, hand-stitched cyanotype cloth, thread, 25 x 27 inches

The Conceptual Stitch

Curated by Jane Deering

Exhibition Reception Date:

5:30pm Thursday, November 3, 2022

Exhibition Opening:

November 3, 2022

Exhibition End Date:

December 18, 2022

Exhibition Year:


Join us for a Curator Tour with Jane Deering, November 5th from 11am to 12pm at Concord Art.

We will also be hosting two Artist Demos during the exhibition led by featured artists Bridget Harvey and Leslie Lyman.

Artists Include:

Alice Fox
Andrew Mowbray
Aparna Agrawal
Bridget Harvey
Debra Weisberg
Gail Barker
Kellin Nelson
Kim Renee Blodgett
Leslie Lyman
Linda Ekstrom
Nava Lubelski
Samantha Fields
Seulgi Kwon
Sarah Hollis Perry
Sommer Roman
Sonya Clark


We would like to thank our exhibition sponsor Julia Farwell Clay