Dante said it best when he called the moon our “eternal pearl”, changing, glowing, layered and forever. The moon is science; the moon is art; the moon tangoes with the earth and the sun.  The moon plays a major role in astronomy, romance, literature, poetry, navigation, tides, the uncanny, storytelling, art making and politics.  Harold used his purple crayon to draw the moon and locate his bedroom window.  Thoreau liked it for night walks and Neil Armstrong walked on its surface 50 years ago.  It continues to captivate us throughout our lives as it morphs in size and shape prompting mystery, myth and metaphor over the centuries.  This exhibition marks the 50th anniversary of Armstrong’s scientific and poetic moment. We have assembled a diverse group of artists whose practice has been moon-centric.  With conceptual and visual results, each prompts our own relationship to the moon.  We ask them each the question and hope the exhibition prompts you to ask  “what is it about the moon”?

Featured Artists:

Barbara Bosworth, Katherine Bradford, Ann Craven, Stephen DiRado, Lois Dodd, Mollie Douthit, Jackie Feng, Matthew F. Fisher, Charlotte Andry Gibbs, Sharon Harper, Holly Harrison, Anne Lilly, Kristin Malin, Jerry Mischak, James Nasmyth, Eileen Neff, Kathleen O’Hara, Ben Sloat, Kiki Smith, Esther Pearl Watson, Joseph Wheelwright, and Yu-Wen Wu.

Supported by: The Whitehead Foundation


Curated by Kate James and Kathleen O’Hara

Exhibition Opening:

March 28, 2019

Exhibition End Date:

May 1, 2019

Exhibition Year:

The Moon: Eternal Pearl - Abbott Gallery
The Moon: Eternal Pearl - French Gallery
The Moon: Eternal Pearl - Roberts Gallery
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