Selecting the Concord Art Association as the proposed venue for their first group show, Walden Artists Penny Billings, Jeanne Rosier Smith, Sue Gilkey and Anne McGrory share their individual interpretations of
our local rivers as landscape, by showcasing the wildness of those rivers and their impact on the landscapes of Concord and neighboring towns, alongside still-life vignettes of the food and drink which one aspires to enjoy along the way.  The works of Jeanne Rosier Smith and Anne McGrory are painted in pastel, and those of Penny Billings and Sue Gilkey are painted in oil.

The Walden Artists are full-time professionalartists dedicated to contemporary realism in art. Individually, they have been recognized for their work at both the local and national level. Painting together, they seek to capture the essence of nature’s beauty as exemplified by Thoreau’s vision at Walden Pond, by painting landscapes and still life works en plein air and in the studio, engaging in detailed art critiques, traveling to compelling painting venues in New England and beyond, and exhibiting their collective works.

The Walden Artists: Picnic by the River

The Walden Artists: Picnic by the River

Exhibition Opening:

October 1, 2010

Exhibition End Date:

October 31, 2010

Exhibition Year:



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