Montello Foundation, Montello, NV

Concord Art is pleased to announce, THIS EARTH, curated by Stefan Hagen. Hagen is the founder of the Montello Foundation Artist Residency in Nevada. This is a solitary residency in the Nevada Desert for artists who foster our understanding of the fragility of nature and the need to protect it.

Their works examines themes like human impact and the fragility of nature, the mediums in the show include photography, painting, sculpture, poetry, video, puppetry, music and fragrance.

The guiding principals of this exhibition are based on the 32 artists’ various approaches and personal relationships to nature. Some artists work in the great tradition of observing nature as listeners and note-takers, others work with natural elements and materials, transforming them with their practice. Another group focuses on the impact humans have on the natural world in well meaning and devastating ways.

Henry David Thoreau’s response to his environment at Walden Pond in Concord has often been likened to an artist retreat or residency. Like Thoreau, these Montello artists key to understanding their subject matter is through uninterrupted observation and assimilation of experience, thus the importance of being submersed in a solo retreat.

THIS EARTH catalog


Curated by Stefan Hagen

Exhibition Reception Date:

March 30, 5:30pm

Exhibition Opening:

March 30, 2023

Exhibition End Date:

May 7

Exhibition Year:


Exhibiting Artists:

Renate Aller
Lee Arnold
bug carlson + Watergrass
Margaret Cogswell
Concrete Temple Theatre
Elisabeth Condon
Blane De St. Croix
Ash Ferlito
Markus Guschelbauer
Matthew Hamon
Rachel Harkai
Nicole Jean Hill
Michael Dax Iacovone
James Kao
Laurie Lambrecht
Jeff Leake
SaraNoa Mark
Summer McCorkle
Evie McKenna
Sara Morawetz
Mia Mulvey
Brie Ruais
Victoria Sambunaris
Jill Sebastian
Diana Shpungin
Miho Suzuki
John Thayer
Lea Thomas and Yoshihiro Sergel
Lea Titz
Patricia Watwood
Audra Wolowiec