David Covert, 'tipple'; Sarah Bossert, 'Companionship of Friends'

The themes of flight, joy, magic, miniature environments, and color have been my constant inspiration for many years. I also have a great fondness for animals. I am enchanted when the animal and human worlds intersect, whether it is when an animal is shown in a human environment or when an animal displays an emotion or relationship which we as humans recognize as similar to our own. In these pieces, I have indulged myself with liberal use of all of the above – colorful feathers, dreams of flying, joy told from the perspective of an animal. I hope to spread a bit of cheer and positivity through these photographs.

-Sarah Bossert

(Un)Fettered: Sarah Bossert + David Covert

Exhibition Reception Date:

February 23, 2023

Exhibition Opening:

February 23, 2023

Exhibition End Date:

March 23

Exhibition Year:


These wall sculptures are bright and dynamic. They are slightly three dimensional extensions of two recent series of abstract monoprints which refer to falling bodies and boundaries. The objects speak to arrested time, as the simple objects interact with gravity and explicit boundaries in the pieces. The observation is light-hearted, as evinced by the colorful palette. The use of ubiquitous cardboard fragments ties the work to the years of the Pandemic, when there was a constant supply of this wonderful art supply arriving daily. So, making the best of, and constraining the gravity of the unexpected situation informs the work.

-David Covert