Collage is a magical process. The immediacy of cutting and tearing bits of paper and sticking them to a surface appeals to the child in all of us. Matisse described his collage technique as “cutting directly into color” and “drawing with scissors.” In my own practice, collage satisfies my urge to view the world as a collection of shapes. It allows me to explore color without the additional steps of mixing pigment on a palette and to experiment with composition without fear of committing to a blank canvas. Collage is an integral part of my teaching at Concord Art. There is such great joy when an artist discovers the medium for the first time. Of humble materials comes great art. – Nancy Gruskin


Image credit: Nancy Gruskin, #livingroomgoals, 2019, cut-paper collage

Concord Art 2023 Calendar

Submit to have a piece included in the Concord Art 2023 calendar! All members are welcome to submit an image for jurying, no fees required. Selections will be made by the Art + Exhibitions Committee. Entries are due August 1, 2022.