Rhoda Rosenberg, At the End from the series Nate's Glasses, 2011

Beloved Objects 

Artist Rhoda Rosenberg’s exhibition this fall is the inspiration behind our 2024 calendar theme, Beloved Objects.

In her artwork, Rhoda focuses on everyday objects that are made special by their connection to beloved family members: her brother’s eyeglasses, her father’s apron, her grandmother’s pocketbook. She often returns to the same objects, and in her renderings, their shapes become imbued with feelings of tenderness and humor.

What objects in your life are meaningful, treasured, and loved? Please send us an image of a rendering (painting, print, drawing, photograph, ceramics, fiber, etc) for consideration in the 2024 Concord Art calendar.

All objects and all mediums are welcome no matter how mundane because it’s their significance in your life that counts!

Concord Art 2024 Calendar

Submit to have a piece included in the Concord Art 2024 calendar!

All Concord Art Members are welcome to submit an image for jurying, no fees required. Entries are due August 1, 2023.