Artist Spotlight: Jaeok Lee and Kaffee Kang by Marissa Cote, Discover Concord Magazine, September 2021 View 

A Day In Concord: “Dazzleship” and “(un)seen”, by Sawyer Smook-Pollit, Artscope , (un))seen, Curated by Keith Morris Washington, August 2021 , View


Portraits of ‘ordinary people who continue to live and survive’ at the site of police killings , by Cate McQuaid, Black Lives . . ., works by Keith Morris Washington, July 2020 View 

Artist Speaks Truth to Power in Larger Than Life Portraits of Black Lives, by NBCBLK of NBC News, works by Keith Morris Washington, August 2020 View

New Portrait Series Depicts Vibrant Life At Sites Where Police Killed Black Americans , by Robin Young and Serena Mc Mahon, Black Lives . . ., works by Keith Morris Washington, August 2020 View

A Modern Chapter for Ceramic Storytelling , by Cate McQuaid, Clay Has Its Say, Curated by David Duddy, November 2020 , View

‘Clay Has Its Say: Narrative Ceramics’ is Now On View at Concord Art, by , Clay Has Its Say, Curated by David Duddy, November 2020 , View


“In Concord, relishing an MFA curator’s great taste in drawings and prints”, Boston Globe, by Cate McQuaid, Observation & Imagination, curated by Clifford S. Ackley, Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro Curator of Prints and Drawings, MFA, Boston. November 22, 2019 View

Frances N. Roddy Art Exhibition, Josephine Halvorson Juror, Concord Journal, Wicked LocalOctober 7, 2019 View

unfoldingobject, curated by Todd Bartel, The Architect’s Newspaper, July 2019 View

unfoldingobject, curated by Todd Bartel, Artscope Magazine, July 2019 View

unfoldingobject, curated by Todd Bartel, Boston Globe, July 2019 View

unfoldingobject, curated by Todd Bartel, Concord Journal, July 2019 View

unfoldingobject, curated by Todd Bartel, Concord Journal, June 2019 View

unfoldingobject, curated by Todd Bartel, Kolaj Magazine, June 2019 View

CCHS Exhibit, Concord Journal, May 2019 View

Spring into Art Week at Concord Art, New Acquisitions, Concord Journal, May 2019 View

Flowers and Figures, Caryl Hull Leavitt and Al Levin, April 2019 View

The Moon: Eternal Pearl, Boston Globe, Cate McQuaid, The Ticket, March 2019 View

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MJ2 Exhibit, Concord JournalMarch 2019 View

MJ2 Exhibit, Spot on Massachusetts, Concord JournalMarch 2019 View


In Her Own Image, Boston Globe by Cate McQuaid, November 2, 2018

In Her Own Image, The Ticket, Boston Globe, October, 21, 2018

Concord Art to feature ‘In Her Own Image’ exhibition, Concord Journal, October 16, 2018 View

Power of the Flower, Concord Journal, July 19, 2018 View

Power of the Flower, Boston Globe, Cate McQuaid, July 19, 2018 View

Power of the Flower, Boston Globe, The Ticket, July 1st

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Spring into Art Week, Make it Take it, Yoga, GBSW art sale, Henry’s Pick, May 2, 2018, View

Members Juried 2, Concord Center for the Visual Arts Awards Prizes for MJ2, March 6,2018 View

Kate Hanlon & Carol Caruso, Member’s Gallery exhibition, Concord Journal, February 15, 2018 View

Members Juried 1 & 2, Photos in Lifestyle, Full page of images, Concord Journal, February 15, 2018

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“At Concord Art, spaces tell stories”, November 2, 2017 View

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Space As Narrative, Concord Journal, October, 2017 

Space As Narrative, Concord Journal, October 16, 2017, View

Attic Treasures, Concord Journal, September 29, 2017, View

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Inhabiting Words, Concord Journal, Around Town, June 1st, 8th, 15th, 19th, 22, July 6.

Inhabiting Words, Gladstone Gallery, Amy Sillman, June 2017 View

Inhabiting Words: May – August, Bedford Arts and Crafts Society, June 2017 View

Concord Carlisle High School Show, Concord Journal, June 1st, ARTS section.

Walden: Window & Mirror, Artscope Magazine, May/June 2017 View

Walden: Window & Mirror, Boston Globe, April 27,2017 View

Thoreau: Resistance and Freedom, Lecture, Concord Journal Maynard, April 20, 2017 View

Walden: Window & Mirror, Boston Globe, Cate McQuaidApril 14, 2017, View

Walden Window & Mirror,Artists’ Prospectus for the Nation “Walden” Show in … View

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Center for Visual Arts hosts ‘Sum of Parts’ show, Concord Journal April 6, 2017 View

What’s happening around town, Concord Journal Patch, March 25, 2017 View

Member’s Juried 2, Concord Center for Visual Arts hosts juried show, Concord Journal, Mar 8, 2017  View

Concord Art to host Starry Starry Night, Concord Journal, Feb 8, 2017 View

Starry Starry Night – Benefit for Concord Art, Concord/Carlisle Neighbors, Jan 2017 View


Concord Art, Manomet to host climate change awareness event, Nov 10, 2016 View

Art Students in Concord Told to let go to create,  Philadelphia Artist: Stuart Shils, Concord Journal, Oct 7, 2016 at 2:46 PM View

Around Concord, Concord Journal, Oct. 20, 2016 View

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5 interesting things to do in Concord this week, Responding to Place, Concord Journal Jun 15, 2016 View

Concord Art hosts ‘Responding to Place’ exhibit, Concord Journal Jun 14, 2016 View

Concord Center for Visual Arts to host Paint the Town Saturday, Concord Journal May 11, 2016 View

Concord-Carlisle art exhibit now open at Center for Visual Arts, Concord Journal May 25, 2016 at 12:06 PM View

Bird: Metaphor + Muse, Lowell Sun, Art Picks, April 14, 2016 View

Bird: Metaphor + Muse, The week ahead: music, theater, art, and more, Boston Globe, Cate McQuaid, April 13, 2016 View

Concord Art And Manomet Collaborate For April Art Show, April 2016  View

Member’s Show, “Finding Color: Paintings by Kelley Harwood, Ron Krouk, Janet Wolahan and Elissa Yanover” Apr 6, 2016 View

Concord Art to feature ‘BIRD: metaphor + muse’ exhibition, Lincoln Journal, April 5, 2016 View

Bird: metaphor +muse,  FLUX Boston, The April Wrap, March 30, 2016  View 

Members Juried 2 “Exhibit continues at Concord Center for Visual Arts, Concord Journal Mar 14, 2016 View

Member’s Juried 1, “Concord Center for Arts to host area artists’ work”, Concord Journal Jan 26, 2016, View

Member’s Juried 1 “Juried art exhibit continues at Concord Center for Visual Arts”, Concord Journal Jan 21, 2016  View

Framingham resident named Member’s Juried 1 art exhibition winner, Metro West Journal, Jan 19, 2016 View


cut.paper.fold: The Mundane Goes Exotic by James Foritano, artscope, November/December 2015  View

Remembering Lois Lilley Howe by Kara Fossy, Concord Journal, November 5, 2015  View

Concord Art Association to Rebrand, Concord Journal, September 29, 2015 View

Boston Sculptors on View through August 12, Concord Journal July, 12, 2015  View

A Night that Belongs to You, Concord Journal, June 4, 2015  View

Mapping Concord: An Installation by C-ART by Nancy Shohet West, Globe West, April 5, 2015 View

A Stellar Event, Concord Art Hosts Starry, Starry Night Concord Journal, January 15, 2015 View


Miracles Happen, Wonders to Behold at Concord Art Association by Mark Feeney, Boston Globe, November 12, 2014 View

Doors of Perception: Concord exhibition explores diverse visions by Sebastian Smee, Boston Globe, July 3, 2014 View

Personal Terrain: Mapping Our Own Identities by James Foritano, artscope, May/June 2014


The Sculpture of Michio Ihara makes a Grand Exhibit by Sebastian Smee, Boston Globe, July 25, 2013 View

Sculpture: Nydia by Frederick W. Allen, 1914